How to Detox Your Liver - Best Tips for Detoxification in Your Organs

How to Detox Your Liver – Best Tips for Detoxification in Your Organs

How to Detox Your Liver – Best Tips for Detoxification in Your Organs

Diet And Lifestyle Tools for Vaccine Detoxification

We live in a sea of toxins. Toxins make their way into our bodies through the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe and the products we use. It’s a reality of living in the modern world.

Unfortunately, the accumulation of toxins in the body is linked to most chronic diseases such as autoimmunity, diabetes, cancer, and vascular diseases. The good news is that when we become educated about the sources of toxins, we can avoid them, reduce them or support the body’s ability to remove them. 

Sometimes we are exposed to a toxin (or several) through routine medical interventions, such as getting a vaccine. The toxic additives in vaccines may account for vaccine injury and symptoms that some people experience post-vaccine. In this case, we can be prepared to help the body handle the extra burden placed upon the detoxification systems. 

This article will dive into the diet and lifestyle solutions to help heal and detoxify from vaccines. Many of these tools are free, low cost and widely available. Many of them are things that can be done regularly to support everyday detoxification.

Keep reading to learn more about: 

  • The basics of detoxification
  • Strategies to support the five detox organs: liver, colon, kidneys, skin and lungs

Detoxification Basics

When something foreign gets into your body, the body has systems in place to remove it. The body also needs to remove waste materials generated by its metabolism. This removal is detoxification. Your body is detoxifying 24/7, every day of your life. 

Detoxification is something that you generally don’t have to think about. But, given how much we are exposed to compared to just a few generations ago, it’s smart to give detoxification a little thought. And if you are planning to get a vaccine or are recovering from one, extra detoxification support may help your body recover with more ease.  

Let’s start with the basics. Many toxins are fat-soluble. Therefore, they can get into cells. The liver is likely what you think of first when you think about detoxification, and it’s the liver that transforms fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble ones so they can be transported out of the body. 

This is a nutrient – and energy-dependent process and happens in two phases – Phase 1 and Phase 2.

After liver transformation, or if the toxin is already in a form that can be eliminated, it will leave the body through the colon, lungs, kidneys/bladder or the skin.

Supporting each of these five organs allows the body to detoxify more effectively. We support the body in doing what it inherently knows how to do.

Let’s walk through each detoxification organ and how we can support it using diet and lifestyle tools.

How To Support Liver Detox 

The liver is the main site of biotransformation, along with the many other metabolic processes. Since the liver can easily get overloaded, we want to make sure it has the resources needed to do its job. Here’s how to give your liver a little extra love:

  • Eat a nutrient-dense diet. The liver needs a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to detoxify ingredients found in vaccines. You’ll find these nutrients in whole, real food. We need both protein-rich foods as well as an abundance of colorful plants.  Following a fiber-rich Paleo diet  is incredibly supportive because it eliminates processed foods that are lower in nutrients and more likely to contain toxins and focuses on nutrient density. This way of eating reduces inflammation and provides more raw materials to support detoxification.


  • Support methylation. Methylation is a process that we need for gene expression as well as Phase 2 liver detoxification. Many people have genetic changes that make this process less efficient and increase their need for vitamin B12, folate, choline and other methylation nutrients.
    Getting enough of these nutrients through food and adding in methylation-promoting supplements, such as Every Life Well Methylation Support or Every Life Well Methyl Cream may be helpful for vaccine recovery.


  • Consider mitochondria and liver-supporting supplements. In addition to methylation support, supplements including phosphatidylcholine, NAD, CoQ10 and glutathione may be particularly supportive post-vaccine. Read more about these options in the article Supplements to Support Detoxification and Vaccine Recovery.


  • Prioritize sleep. The liver ramps up detoxification processes during the sleeping hours. This is one reason why maintaining a good circadian rhythm and getting enough high-quality sleep is so good for your health. For vaccine recovery, sleep is essential.  

How To Support Colon Detox

Many toxins leave the liver via the bile and enter the digestive system, to make their exit. Good digestive health is vital for detoxification. Here are some ways to support the colon:

  • Have regular bowel movements. If you are constipated, you may not be clearing toxins effectively, and they can be reabsorbed into the body and contribute to symptoms. To support regular bowel movements, be sure you eat fiber-rich whole foods, stay hydrated and move your body. Supplementing with magnesium in the evening is another effective strategy. 


  • Balance the microbiome. The gut microbiome includes all the microorganisms living in the colon that interact with the body and influence all areas of health, including detoxification. Microbiome health will improve digestive health and help make bowel movements more regular.The microbiome is sensitive to the effects of toxins, so it may require additional support during times of increased toxin exposure, such as after a vaccine. The diet is the primary way that we influence the microbiome, and it can transform in just a few days of eating differently. Be sure to include many fiber-rich, colorful plant foods to feed beneficial bacteria. Some particularly beneficial ones include berries, garlic, onions, sunchokes, bananas and artichokes. In addition, traditionally fermented foods, like sauerkraut and kimchi, help replenish beneficial bacteria. Avoid these foods if you have symptoms of high histamines.


  • Move your body. Moving the body supports digestion and microbiome health. It promotes circulation, sweating and lymphatic drainage, all of which are important for detoxification.  While you might feel like staying in bed after a vaccine, it might be helpful to do some gentle movement, such as walking or yoga. Be sure to listen to your body’s cues and do what feels good.

How To Support Kidney Detox

The kidneys filter some toxins from the blood that collect in the bladder and leave the body via the urine. Here are some ways to support this detoxification pathway:

  • Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is essential for flushing toxins out of the body. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, or enough to urinate regularly and produce clear urine. You may need even more water if you exercise a lot, live in a dry climate, take diuretics or drink caffeine or alcohol. Tap water and bottled water can also be a source of toxins. Be sure to know where your water is coming from and filter it appropriately. Learn more about water filters here.


  • Increase minerals. Minerals are essential for good hydration and water balance throughout the body. Mineral-rich foods like leafy greens, seaweed, herbs, nuts and seeds are essential to include in the diet. In addition, you may consider an electrolyte supplement to support mineral balance and kidney health. 

How To Support Skin Detox 

The skin is yet another organ of elimination. Like the digestive tract, the skin creates a barrier between the outside world and the internal body.

It regulates what gets in and what goes out. Here are some ways to promote effective skin detoxification:

  • Sweat it out. Sweating not only releases water and minerals, but it also releases toxins. Sweating on a regular basis is an important strategy for everyday detoxification and may provide additional support post-vaccine.  Exercise is an active way to sweat and has additional benefits. Passive sweating is relaxing and restorative. Sweating in an infrared sauna is a therapeutic tool for detoxification. For limited space, consider the SaunaSpace Infrared Sauna or for a more permanent in-home sauna, check out the Sunlighten Infrared Sauna. Try very hot baths with Epsom salts or add clay bath salts like the one found in Every Life Well Clear + Restore Bath and soaking for at least 20 minutes for lower cost passive sweating.


  • Try skin brushing. Skin brushing is an easy way to stimulate the lymphatic system, which plays a crucial role in transporting toxins. To skin brush, you need a dry brush and your body. Brush your skin in long strokes, moving toward your heart. Try this practice in the morning before showering to invigorate the body for the day and move toxins toward elimination. 

How To Support Lung Detox

The lungs are the final organ of detoxification that we’ll discuss. Just as we exhale carbon dioxide, some toxins exit the body in the same way. Here are some ways to support this process:

  • Breathe deeply. When we are busy or stressed, our breathing may become shallower. Shallow breathing means less oxygen to cells and organs, and less release of toxins via the lungs. 

Intentional deep breathing is supportive of releasing more of the air out of the lungs, therefore clearing more toxins. Deep breathing also increases oxygen to the liver and other organs. Try 10 mindful deep breaths several times per day. You can also focus on practices that encourage deeper or focused breathing, such as exercise, yoga, meditation or breathing exercises. 

  • Sit up tall. Poor posture associated with computer use or phone use compresses the lungs and makes it harder to take full restorative breaths. Making your workspace ergonomic and holding your phone up to your eyes instead of bending your neck down may be helpful, along with exercise or bodywork that supports a natural, healthy posture. 

As you can see, the way we live and the simple habits we practice daily or weekly, may have a significant impact on the body’s ability to detoxify. You can employ the strategies discussed here to support vaccine recovery or anytime the body is exposed to additional toxins. Often simple solutions yield maximum support.